Over 400 years in the future, mankind has been driven to nomadic existence. Being preyed upon by werewolves and fellow human Raiders, the last of the human tribes live a life afraid, and on the run. How the werewolves came about is a mystery. There are also stories of dragons laying waste to both humans and werewolves alike. No one knows which of these ancient tales are true. What is known is that humanity may be hunted out of existence.

In this struggle for vitality, two young lovers fight to have as normal of a life as possible. An innocent night together could be the undoing of all the tribe has worked for generations. What lies ahead for them, Dragons or Wolves?

In 1978, a New York City detective believes a dragon is killing off mob bosses. Detective Scalici knows this is preposterous, but it makes sense. Just like a stereotypical cop show, Scalici goes against the grain of his department. Unlike television, this may not be a good idea. To him, quality time with his daughter is far more important than his job.

Each night the detective dreams of flying and a mysterious woman. Is this woman the dragon killing off the Mafia Dons? Who would believe him? The book he came across, The Complete Book of Dragons by Christina Lee, seems to have some of the answers he seeks.

Dr. Ann Vroom, Professor, researcher, and martial artist, believes the government is up to something at her laboratory. People are disappearing and someone, or something, is following her. The research assistants she works with and her own Sensei seem to be hiding something from her. Some of the students are just, odd.

The one person she could confide in, her best friend Dee Burns, is apparently in the middle of this conspiracy. She would never be a part of something so dark. Or would she? And the other night, what was that flying in the sky?


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